Naomi Wise

When I read the poem “Naomi Wise”, I didn’t understand anything! I understood absolutely nothing. So I read it again, and I started getting the hang of the poem. It was actually a pretty mysterious poem when you read it. Here it goes…

            The poem is about a beautiful young maid named Naomi Wise. Now everyone loved this young lady. Then one day she met a young man, named Lewis, whom she really loved and wanted to marry him. One summer night, he took her for a ride. She thought she was going to be wed, but how wrong she was. The next morning, her body was found floating down the stream. People could not prove that he killed her, but on his deathbed he admitted that he was her murderer. He probably killed her because he envied her or something like that.  

            I chose this poem because I found this poem very appealing to me. It had perfect word choice to match the mood of the poem. One example is how the author used villain instead of murderer in:

“She begged him just to spare her, the villain only laughed.”

I also chose this poem because it was pretty easy for me to derive what the poem is about because we did a poem like that in class, named “Annabel Lee.”

The theme of the poem is about a girl who over-trusted a person she doesn’t really know. So the moral is: Never trust a person whom you do not know well. In the poem, the give you the examples of the girl loving and trusting the guy, but she only met her fate of being murdered. The following is an example of that from the poem:

“She learned to love and trust him, and she believed his words.”

            The poem actually means in general that you should never trust a poem you do not know.

            The author of this poem used the following rhyme scheme through out the poem: A, B, C, B. This rhyme scheme help makes the poem more fluent to read. It also adds a ghostly effect, somehow, to the poem if you read it out loud.

Here are some of the lines I really liked from the poem:

             “They say he was heartless to the core.”             “Next day they found her body a-floating down the stream.” 

            “They say on his deathbed young Lewis did confess”    (Internal Rhyme)


            “Don’t listen to the story some villain’s tongue will tell.” 

The Olympic Conspiracy book cover

The Olympic Conspiracy

           The Olympic conspiracy from the Seven Fabulous Wonders, by Katherine Roberts, is most probably the best book I have ever read in my entire life. Even though it is not rated in, I would have rated it like a five if I could rate it. In the Olympic Conspiracy, the words are chosen correctly to make you feel as if you were the character. If I were able to, I would read every single page of this book without a break. The Olympic Conspiracy is about a boy named Sosi who could shape shift every full moon. In this book, Sosi’s brother has trained a year for the upcoming Olympics. Then a few weeks before the Olympics, a Persian terrorist threw a poisoned javelin at Sosi’s brother using magic. His foot was deeply injured and he couldn’t compete. So Sosi had to compete for him. On a full moon, Sosi shape shifted into his brother’s body. Now, Sosi was kind and good-hearted unlike his arrogant brother. Sosi’s brother’s competitors are amazed how Sosi was suddenly kind. Read the book to see how Sosi saves Olympia from this Persian terrorist and how he cured most people’s injuries from this terrorist.   

My Dream Vacation

I don’t really have a dream vacation because i think they’re boring. I mean the food (not counting fast food resturaunts) sucks!!! You need to buy like 1 cheesebuger for 30 riyals and it sucks, but since its like a touristic site… you know what i mean. Plus i like to stay in my cozy armchair in front of my computer playing runescape or something (i encourage you Mr. Duester to start so you can tell me the answers for tests if i give you free stuff!!! {just joking, i dont only want answers but also an “A” on my final grade}). If i really had to go somewhere, i would like to go to varrock or camelot and spend my time over there. For info on these amazing places just visit (click on this link plz!). Fortunately for me, we just went 4 days out of yanbu to al-taif and jeddah. Luckily we had internet there in the hotel, so i just missed one runescape day in my whole winter break, cuz we went around exploring stupid taif and looking at the baboons, can you believe that!? More than that, they had big red bu…. yeah u get what i mean.

comparing and contrasting the movie and book

Well all in all, the movie and the book were well different from each other. The book was detailed much more than the movie. The movie sometimes even changed some of the major events that the book states clearly. For example, when Johnny burns his hand in the book, he slips on the beeswax and his hand comes on the molten silver. In the movie, Ms. Lapham throws water on him or the furnace (because a constable was coming, which it should be a seafaring man) and he slips and his hand comes on some molten silver on the ground. In the book, Rab was supposed to be a dark young man, while in the movie he is white. Goblin, the horse, was supposed to be white, but he was black. Johnny never came to the war in Lexington, but in the movie he got a British musket and started fighting with Rab. There was no Dove, Isannah, Dusty, or Mr. Tweedie. Yeah, that’s the main idea… there are big differences between the book and the movie.

There are so many differences between the movie and the book, as I said before, but there are a few similarities. Here are some of the ones that I remember. Obviously just like the book sys, Johnny appears to like Cilla, who looks just about Johnny’s age. He gets a job in The Boston Observer with Rab. There are also some meetings in the attic of the Observer‘s office. Johnny goes to prison because of Mr. Lyte and the cups problem. The first time Johnny meets with Rab, they eat what looked like cheese and bread in the movie just like what it says in the book. The Americans win the Lexington war. That’s it for similarities I think, there are more, but I am not going to state all of them.                                  

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